Whether it was my personal participation or a team effort (internally or with an agency), the marketing department was responsible for the overall success of our branding and online presence. Working in behavioral healthcare at Foundations Recovery Network and Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, facility websites and collateral were crucial to educate the public about their expert offerings, showcase the facility and staff, provide clear contact information, and to evoke professionalism and a place of trust. 



“For me, leading a department doesn’t mean that I’m only overseeing, managing and problem-solving. Although that’s definitely part of the job, I take a hands-on approach and am actively involved in brainstorming, creating and delivering, too.”

  • Website updates
  • Website content
  • Social media
  • Videos
  • Graphic design
  • Press releases
  • Podcasts
  • Paid search
  • Reporting
  • Email marketing
  • Virtual tours
  • Photography
  • Website security & hosting
  • Recruiting support
  • SEO
  • Print materials and flyers
  • Logo design
Cherie team


In my tenure within behavioral healthcare, the marketing team took on the task of revamping, optimizing, and elevating the websites of each facility. Given the constant evolution of web design and the imperative for a superior user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms, the routine upkeep and vigilant monitoring became integral aspects of our day-to-day operations.

Website on Laptop

Team Project Contributions:

  • Content creation
  • Team bios
  • SEO/Site Architecture
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Website security & hosting
  • Graphics
  • Social media & local listings
  • Virtual tour (if applicable)
  • Template design (via agency)
  • Analytics


Effective utilization of paid search advertising within the behavioral healthcare sector is integral to the triumph of our marketing endeavors. Meeting the prerequisites for advertising drug and alcohol treatment necessitates rigorous adherence to the Legitscript Certification, a comprehensive annual process. Collaborating with our partner agency and leveraging our internal expertise, we bear the responsibility of overseeing a substantial budget, with the primary objective of augmenting conversions while strategically reducing the cost per click (CPC).

Organic SEARCH

Balancing between paid search and organic search is essential for enhancing brand awareness, establishing content authority, and fostering trust with our users. We monitor a multitude of data points, encompassing holidays, Google algorithm shifts, website modifications, and beyond. Additionally, we keep a vigilant eye on referral traffic and backlinks, evaluating any fluctuations in both negative and positive trajectories, as well as identifying potential opportunities.


Call performance stands as a pivotal metric within our marketing endeavors. Leveraging analytics, transcripts, and unique tracking phone numbers, the marketing team adeptly evaluates call quality and overall performance. It is imperative to comprehend the impact of seasons, targeted marketing campaigns, and marketing channels on call volume, as this insight is fundamental for optimizing overall performance.

Facility Photography Samples

During each marketing trip where we gathered video, content, and photo assets, I particularly enjoyed capturing facility photography of the campus, amenities, and staff, as it was a passion of mine. Below are some of my photo samples:

Headshot Samples

Jennifer Angier - Cherie Carter Photography

Social media

Social media plays a pivotal role in our business, facilitating connections with our professional network and patient population. Crafting compelling and informative posts that authentically embody our business values and culture serves as an effective means to cultivate brand awareness and extend exposure to valuable resources. 

View the current Meadows Behavioral Healthcare social channels on Linkedin and Instagram.


Engaging in creative brainstorming and collaboration, our team harnessed the power of video for various purposes, including animated topical content, promoting our facility and dedicated staff, and showcasing special programs and events through captivating footage and sound. Embedded videos created additional conversion elements within site content and supported social media efforts to increase engagement and growth.

View more of our team’s video assets on the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare YouTube channel.


One distinctive offering from Meadows Behavioral Healthcare’s marketing department is our two podcasts – Beyond Theory and Recovery Replay. The primary objectives of these podcasts are to facilitate cross-promotion, showcase our clinical expertise, raise awareness about industry trends and resources, and foster connections within the recovery community. Through the incorporation of video and audio snippets, the podcasts deliver compelling content across our social media platforms, content channels, and email marketing initiatives.