Cherie Carter

Cherie Pilliod Carter

While “author” may be a new title for me, I studied studio art and marketing in college, always making my living in creative fields. I paired my digital sketches with some playful rhymes, and my first children’s book, Kitty Carter Finds a Home, began to take shape. It’s definitely something new for me, but it’s been such a fun adventure that has led me to write and illustrate additional stories.

Kitty Carter Finds a Home


A sweet fuzzy kitty who roams the sunny countryside finds herself in search of a place to live. Through a friendly stranger, she finds not only food and shelter but also a loving home on the farm. Paired with colorful and sweet sketches, this story highlights the simple pleasures of life and the importance of love, respect, and acceptance.

WANT A COPY? To order a copy of my self-published 5.5″ x 5.5″ board book ($10 plus shipping), contact me!

Kitty Carter Finds a Home - book cover

Page Samples from Kitty Carter Finds a Home

Other Projects In the Works

Kitty Carter Plays Outside


The second board book in the Kitty Carter series, Kitty Carter Plays Outside, continues with the positive message about living on a farm and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. In a world full of cell phones, social media, and technology, a book about getting outside seems more important than ever. Illustrated with the same initial characters and the addition of new animals on the farm, this story encourages children to play outside and find the adventure in all four seasons.


Kitty Carter Plays Outside

Page Samples from Kitty Carter Finds a Home



My third story, Bluebird, is an entirely different children’s book that can appeal to adults as well. For anyone who has lost a pet or someone dear to them, this story is about the heartache and healing process as life propels us forward. The symbolism of the bluebird, whether perceived as a representation of divinity, a guardian angel, or a departed loved one, serves as a poignant reminder. It conveys the enduring presence of those we’ve lost, illustrating that while they may have departed physically, their essence remains, eternally watching over us. 


Bluebird, by Cherie Pilliod Carter

Page Samples from Bluebird

Author’s Bio

Cherie Pilliod Carter is an author and illustrator specializing in children’s picture books, drawing inspiration from her deep affection for animals. She pursued her education at The University of Tennessee Knoxville and holds a bachelor’s degree in studio art with a minor in marketing from Austin Peay State University. She has many creative passions including photography, painting, and pottery, and is currently the Vice President of Marketing at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare.

Driven by an innate desire for creative expression, Carter ventured into the realm of children’s book writing and illustration. Her journey began by transforming casual iPad doodles into enchanting narratives adorned with simple yet engaging rhymes. Embracing this new outlet, she endeavors to forge connections with young readers through imaginative storytelling and vibrant illustrations.