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Cherie Pilliod Carter

While “author” may be a new title for me, I studied studio art and marketing in college, always making my living in creative fields. I was busy leading a digital marketing department for a behavioral health company when a stray kitty wandered into my life and inspired me to not just draw but write. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed tapping into my inner child as I created a character based on this new addition to our family. I paired my digital sketches with some playful rhymes, and Kitty Carter Finds a Home began to take shape. It’s definitely something new for me, but it’s been such a fun adventure that I’m already working on the second book in the series!

Kitty Carter Finds a Home


A sweet fuzzy kitty who roams the sunny countryside finds herself in search of a place to live. Through a friendly stranger, she finds not only food and shelter but also a loving home on the farm. Paired with colorful and sweet sketches, this story highlights the simple pleasures of life and the importance of love, respect, and acceptance.

WANT A COPY? Contact me to order your copy! 5.5″ x 5.5″ board book for $10 plus shipping.

Kitty Carter Finds a Home - book cover

Page Samples from Kitty Carter Finds a Home

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Coming Soon: Kitty Carter Plays Outside


Continuing her adventures on the farm, Kitty Carter embraces her love for the outdoors in every season. Paired with colorful and sweet sketches, this story highlights the powerful lessons learned in life even in the simplest of things.


Kitty Carter Plays Outside

Author’s Bio

Cherie Pilliod Carter is an avid dog lover who ironically decided to write and illustrate her first book about a cat. She studied at The University of Tennessee Knoxville before graduating from Austin Peay State University with a bachelor’s degree in art and a minor in marketing. She has a passion for photography and is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare. Her latest venture, children’s book writing and illustration, is a new outlet for creative expression and interpretation. Taking doodles from an iPad and pairing them with simple rhymes, she saw an opportunity to connect with a younger audience.