Web Design

With a long career in digital marketing, websites always fell under our umbrella. Whether it was my personal participation or a team effort (internally or with an agency), my department was responsible for the overall success of our digital presence. Working in behavioral healthcare, facility websites were crucial to educate the public about their expert offerings, showcase the facility and staff, provide clear contact information, and to evoke professionalism and a place of trust. Through organic search and paid search, website traffic was under constant review for efficiency and quality.

Live Examples of Facility Sites Team Responsible For:


Broad Beach website on iPad and iPhone

My Project Contributions:

  • Facility Photography
  • Staff Headshots
  • Website Design using Flatsome theme
  • Website Architecture
  • SEO

Team Project Contributions:

  • Virtual Tour
  • Additional Facility Photography
  • Overview Video
  • Page Content and Blog
  • Social Media
  • Website Speed & Performance

Facility Photography Samples

Headshot Samples

Meadows Ranch headshot

Meadows Ranch headshot

Meadows Ranch headshot

Meadows Ranch headshot