Purina UK Assignment

Like many photographers, I have signed up for stock photography websites where you can get assignments for specific clients and brands. I had the exciting project to shoot images to be used by Purina UK. Purina UK was looking for a variety of lifestyle images of dogs in a home environment, primarily indoors. The end goal was to show a variety of images of the owner with their pet, showing a clear bond between the two. They were also accepting images of the pets by themselves. Being a dog lover myself, this was an assignment that I did not want to pass up.

A few requirements: The images needed the ability to be cropped for social media in a square format (like on Instagram), the dogs must be visually wearing a red collar, and the final images must be in a natural color (no filters or black & white).

With any assignment, it’s never a guarantee that your images will be accepted by the client. But in this case, my images did get selected. Check out a few of the posts found on Purina UK’s Twitter feed: